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Yes, it’s December! The giddiness of Christmas preparations and excitement never ebbs in my home during the festive season. And yes, I have Christmas carols ringing through the house, on my iPod, at work, etc…I just love this time of year.
Driving home from work yesterday, however, the lyrics of It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year [...]


To all our Canadian friends who are enjoying their Thanksgiving celebrations, thefamilyroom wishes you and yours a lovely holiday.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is also the month when the annual “Run for the Cure” takes place in an effort to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.
I am of course going to be a participant in this year’s event. I feel obligated to participate in the 5 km walk/run [...]


Today’s Faves…
The Local Farmers Markets 

Whether you live in the outback or in the city, there is always somewhere to buy organic, homegrown produce. I was in Sydney last weekend visiting my sister when we stopped by the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmer’s & Fine Food Market which is held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. 

Before we even parked [...]


Sometimes ignorance can be bliss.
In the last 12 months (as I get older), I’m looking to reset, and reboot areas of my life, and the life of my family. stagnant, thoughtless, purposeless repetition….avoid, avoid, avoid!
Education has been at the centre of this process. And the internet has been a boon.
Between thestoryofstuff and Food inc. and [...]

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I was recently given a copy of the book Three Cups of Tea written by Greg Mortenson. It’s all about ‘one man’s mission to promote peace, one school at a time’. I was given the book {if you can believe it} by my Kindergarten teacher, Gaye Moss, an incredible woman whom I have written about on [...]

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Every family hits highs and lows, yet mostly sail along on a relatively even keel. Yet sometimes out of nowhere storms that cause us to be shaken up a little more than we bargained for come our way. That’s where the strength of community can play such a vital role…those rare indescribable moments when those around us step [...]


Thought of the week…
Surprise someone!
Everyone loves a hamper. Why not surprise someone this week with a bundle of goodies just for fun. While out doing the grocery shopping, add a few extra items to your trolley for a loved one, a neighbour, a teacher, a collegue, etc. Brighten someone’s day with a little extra effort.


After thinking long and hard about what community is, I have come to realise it’s not just a group of people residing in the same suburb and a little farther. It is so much more than that…it’s about what chapters you choose to write that include others. What imprint you stamp in the lives of [...]


Thought of the week…
It’s not as hard as you think! Taking the time to chat to an eldery neighbour, bringing someone else’s bins in, being courteous in traffic (ok that one’s hard!), making a little more to share when cooking, sharing your umbrella, not shying away from complimenting someone, babysitting for friends who need time out, writing [...]