June 25, 2010

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Susan recently posted an article title Bedtime Routine in which she outlines the bedtime rituals maintained in their home. It is a beautiful read…click here to have a squiz.

We are currently focussing on celebrating the everyday amongst the fray of our busy lives…to find the silver lining.

For me, as a child, my favourite part of bedtime was by far being read to.

My father would religiously commit to reading me the same story over and over upon my request which was The Princess and The Pea. I even threw a pea or two under my mattress on a few occassions to test the fairytale’s theory waking with slight dissappointment. 

The poor man was most likely way too tired to do this each night, but I never noticed…only years later did I realise the effort put in once it was my turn to do the reading.

For a parent, this will not neccessarily seem like a celebration, yet to a child, it is the perfect way to wrap up their day and create a sense of security.

For our little charges, bedtime stories are part of their silver lining.


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