The big 40 and how it has changed my life

July 13, 2009

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Well everyone, on June 21 (the shortest day of the year in Australia) I celebrated my 40th birthday. What a milestone!

When I considered turning 40, I was really excited. My age had never bothered me in the past so I hadn’t given approaching 40 much headspace.

I have a twin sister, Caroline, who has been battling breast cancer for quite a number of years. She is so awesome and it was exciting to be celebrating 40 with her, as we had thought that might not happen.

When you reach a big birthday like this, you find yourself reflecting on your life and what you have done and not done.

I just loved my actual birthday. It was like my life was entering a new chapter. My husband, Mark, and my three beautiful kids spoiled me with presents, kisses and cuddles, and I got dressed up (wow, that’s big for me).

I have a wonderful, caring group of friends who cheered me on in reaching 40. They are friends you can definitely count on. I have always liked the saying: “To have a friend you need to be a friend.” I have always tried to be a friend like that. Cherish your friends, they are very important in your life.

My dearest friend Sam was with me to celebrate. She has been a rock to me when times have got tough, thank you Sam for everything!

I really missed having my precious friends Phil and Susan with me; they sure know how to party! Australia is a long way from Canada – too far for a weekend (what a shame).

My big sister Alison and her husband flew down from Queensland, Mark’s parents flew in from New Zealand, which was wonderful. My little brother, his wife and two-year-old daughter was also with us and, as you can tell, I just love being around my family, especially my brother and sisters.

All of this has confirmed to me even more the importance of family, and how I need to make a greater effort to see them more.

I have been so blessed in my 40 years. God has been with me in every facet of my life and just having my family around me on my special day was the best present anyone could ask for.

Turning 40 has changed the way I view life. I told myself I must act more maturely, but I am still as crazy as ever.

Time is so precious and we need to make the most of it with family and friends. If you haven’t reached 40 yet, don’t be anxious about it but be excited and ready to take on the new challenges and adventures which the next 40 years will bring.


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Susan July 13, 2009 at 8:21 am

Nice Bea. Glad your bday was so good. Wish, wish, wish we could have been there…… bout your 50th?
Love you, believe in you and know that your 40’s and beyond are going to be your richest and most amazing moments yet.
Susan xo

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