A Poem by Jo-Anne Sieppert

September 20, 2010

Today, on RealLife with Susan & Friends, we hosted Jo-Anne Seippert author of ‘Distracting the Distractions ~ Raising a Child with ADD. A Parent’s Decision to Medicate’. The show was great, Jo-Anne shared her story about being diagnosed with ADD at the late age of 22. She talked about the frustration with school and simply feeling dumb all the time. Thankfully at 22 a teacher finally suggested that perhaps Jo-Anne needed to be tested for ADD.

As a mother of two Jo-Anne watched her eldest son carefully for signs indicating that he could have ADD. Thankfully he did not and all was okay. Things changed with her second son, early on she noticed things he was doing and not doing that she could relate to. In her latest book, ‘Distracting the Distractions’ Jo-Anne shares very openly and honestly about her journey and the painful decision she and her husband made to medicate their youngest son.

I encourage you to listen to our conversation from this morning. Jo-Anne answered listeners questions and shared her story ~~ without giving to much away because we want you to buy her book :) ). To buy her book simply go to ‘Distracting the Distractions’. Trust me it’s a good read, whether you are raising a child with ADD or you want to learn more about it or you have people in your world with it. Jo-Anne takes you into her head and how it works and that, for me, was very insightful. I now understand better.

Below is a poem that Jo-Anne wrote after leaving the Dr’s office having just learned that she did indeed have ADD.

MIND WREKADGE by Jo-Anne Sieppert

My minds driving me crazy
with a steering wheel on both sides
and buddy in the back
just along for the ride
all trying to give directions
were going nowhere fast
with all the bloody confusion
were surely going to crash
Distance moves between us
soon I’ll be alone
the deafening silence lingers
with the insane to which I’m prone
The wreckage is not fixable
gone is my sanity
my mind departs in silence
leaving standing now just me

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Tanya September 30, 2010 at 10:42 am

Thanks for sharing your journey with us Jo-Anne!

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