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September 2010

Today on RealLife Radio we had a great conversation about weight and the current crisis surrounding Teen Obesity. More teens are opting for Lap Band Surgery to help solve their weight problem. Is Lap Band the answer for teen’s across America and beyond? That’s our question and we want your response.
During our show, Morgan Lawrence, [...]

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A Poem by Jo-Anne Sieppert

September 20, 2010

Today, on RealLife with Susan & Friends, we hosted Jo-Anne Seippert author of ‘Distracting the Distractions ~ Raising a Child with ADD. A Parent’s Decision to Medicate’. The show was great, Jo-Anne shared her story about being diagnosed with ADD at the late age of 22. She talked about the frustration with school and simply [...]

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Steve Jobs speaking to Stanford Graduates. A great message and definitely worth the 15 minutes it takes to watch.
Here’s the link from Ted Talks:
Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish!


So many blogs are dedicated to mum’s and a lot of the online conversation surrounds us, the mother’s, who are struggling to balance life, love, marriage, kids, school schedules, taxi routes, illnesses and the list goes on. Recently my husband shared something with me that really touched my heart and something I want to share [...]